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Patrick's knowledge of MBTI® proved invaluable in designing a learning module for one of our targeted talent segment. His ability to take into account different personality types in the design ensured the appropriate balance between interactive and reflection time. He also showed depth in topics outside the MBTI® assessment by incorporating personality preferences into other elements of the program design, which extended the learning into the entire five day program, vs. just one.   This has paid dividends in retention and application for our front-line leaders on the job.

Furthermore, his thoroughness in creating the detailed Facilitator's Guide enabled multiple local educators to seamlessly step into the program and flawlessly execute. This is a critical consideration, as it ensures a consistent participant experience regardless of facilitator.

Patrick's excellence doesn't end in the design process though! His ability to engage with all participants is enviable. For those that require the facts and figures, he delivers. For those that need to systematically learn in an orderly way, he delivers. For those that learn through story and humor, he delivers! His understanding of type is evident in the variety of approach and calmness of delivery. It is without hesitation that I recommend Patrick Kerwin for MBTI learning solutions.

Lisa Mansell, MBA, CEC, CHRP
Suncor Energy, 2012

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