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Looking for ready-to-deliver MBTI workshop modules that address the most commonly-requested team topics? Tired of piecemeal training activities, or having to rework training materials you purchase? Then come get trained on the "Optimizing Team Performance" (OTP) program!

Whether you are recently MBTI Certified, or an experienced MBTI professional, this program will improve and broaden your use of the MBTI instrument with teams.

In this full-day OTP train-the-trainer workshop, you'll:

Become familiar with the six OTP applications modules addressing the most-requested MBTI team-building topics, along with the three MBTI introduction modules.

Receive your easy-to-use Facilitator's Guide, complete with pre-workshop emails & checklists, module scripts & timelines, lots of activities with clear facilitation instructions & expected activity responses.

Engage in and learn how to facilitate tried-and-true OTP activities.


Gain OTP facilitation tips & techniques from the program author.

Receive your OTP Facilitator's flash drive with all the emails, timelines, handouts and PowerPoint slides you'll need.

Gain all the materials and knowledge you need to deliver engaging and substantive MBTI team-building workshops!

Earn 8 MBTI Master Practitioner CE hours.

The OTP Leader's Guide and all materials are available only through this full-day workshop, all for $695 (early bird registration) or $795 (regular registration).

OTP Program Module Overview

When you deliver the OTP program to teams, you’ll begin by selecting one of three "Type Introduction Modules" to open the OTP workshop. You’ll then add any one of six applications modules, or any combination of these modules, to form a complete OTP program. Alternatively, you can pick and choose activities from the various modules to assemble a workshop that you think best suits your team’s needs. Following are descriptions of each of the OTP modules:

Type Introduction Modules

Type Introduction #1

This module is designed for participants who will complete the MBTI® instrument on-line prior to the OTP program, and includes an introduction to the concept of personality preferences, a description of the eight preferences, a review of the participant MBTI® Reports, and a review of the full-page personality type descriptions.

Type Introduction #2
This module is designed for participants who will complete the MBTI® Self-Scorable instrument prior to the OTP program, and includes content identical to that of Type Introduction #1, but also includes scoring of the MBTI® Self-Scorable Report.

Type Introduction Review
This module is designed for participants who have recently completed the MBTI® instrument, and includes a review of the preference descriptions and a review of the full-page personality type descriptions.

Applications Modules

Team Building

Experience the differences of the 8 MBTI® preferences
Analyze the potential strengths and challenges of the team's type distributions
Experience the differences of the four "cores" of personality
Increase the understanding and awareness of the different types represented on the team
Commit to specific behavioral changes to optimize team building

Optimizing Team Communication
Experience the communication differences of the 8 MBTI preferences
Identify verbal and non-verbal cues to each of the 8 MBTI preferences
Help participants flex their type style to meet the communication needs of others
Examine the influence of type on email communication
Analyze the team's type table and its effect on communication
Commit to specific changes in order to optimize team communication

Optimizing Conflict Management
Analyze conflict comfort &  type preferences
Identify type-related conflict areas
Discuss do’s and don’ts when dealing with conflict
Discover a type-related model for using in conflict situations
Analyze the team's type table and its effect on conflict management
Commit to specific behavioral changes to optimize conflict management

Optimizing Change Management
Discuss a model of organizational change
Identify how type affects responses to change
Apply type to change implementation and management
Analyze the team's type table and its effect on change management
Commit to specific behavioral changes to optimize change management

Optimizing Stress Management
Discover the dynamic interplay of the personality type preferences
Discuss the impact of stress on type
Identify type-related energizers, stressors, and stress-reactions
Discover type-specific strategies for returning to normal
Commit to specific behavioral changes to optimize stress management

Optimizing Leadership Development
Identify how to use type for communicating, presenting information, giving feedback, and motivating others
Discover how to use type to influence others
Explore how to pick up on type cues in others
Examine Best-Fit type vs. Individual Leader Type
Commit to specific behavioral changes to optimize leadership development

NEW Zoom-based workshop! 
Using MBTI® Type to Develop and Deliver Impactful Workshops" Train-the-Trainer Program

Whether you're facilitating workshops on MBTI type or on other topics, using MBTI type in your design and delivery can take your workshops to the next level and make them even more impactful!  In this Zoom-based workshop, facilitated live by MBTI expert Patrick Kerwin, you'll discover how to use MBTI type to:

  • Prepare for the interactions and dynamics you might expect from your group
  • Create type-inclusive workshop content
  • Respond to participant questions using type-specific language and approaches
  • Facilitate workshops using type-related tips and techniques

You'll also have time to get your MBTI questions answered via live Q & A with Patrick Kerwin.

This workshop is limited to 15 participants.  The fee for this two-hour Zoom workshop is $150. In addition, the workshop qualifies for two MBTI Master Practitioner CE credits.

2020 Workshop Schedule:

Thusday, June 18, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Pacific Time  To register, please click here.

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Thanks for a great program last Friday!

I feel that I got more than my money's worth from both the materials...

The content is fantastic

and the train-the-trainer materials are so well done and easy to use right away!

I can't thank you enough

for all the immediately useful & usable information you've provided. This is such a...

I enjoyed all of it

the activities, the materials, the modules -- great!

Love it.

Structured, organized, ready to use on our own.