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True Type Tales: Real Stories About the Power of Personality Type in Everyday Life Paperback – November 16, 2013

by Patrick L. Kerwin (Author)

"True Type Tales" presents a simple and universal language that can transform and improve your everyday interactions at home and at work: the language of personality type! Based on the author's 20+ years experience using personality type to help others improve their personal and work lives, "True Type Tales" uses real stories of personality type in action to take you through a journey of: exploring your own personality type; seeing how “type” influences your personal, work, and family interactions; discovering how to pick up on the “type cues” of others; and learning how to "flex your type style" to improve your interactions with others. After reading "True Type Tales," you'll soon be speaking the language of personality type in your everyday life!


The Power of Understanding Personality Type with Patrick Kerwi‪n‬ Lead Your Life – Entrepreneurship

We are all so very different - a simple concept, right? However, not such a simple thing to navigate in the workplace or in our personal relationships. Understanding how to communicate with other personality types can drastically help us as team leaders, partners, and simply people communicating in the world. Today I welcome Patrick Kerwin, master practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality inventory. We discuss how this assessment is used to decode behavior and understand others and how honoring individuality can really help improve your life and the lives around you.

You’ll learn more about: What MBTI is and the benefits it brings to a team environment. The 4 aspects of personality and how they get broken down. Common misunderstandings between introverts(I) and extroverts(E). A simple tip for an introvert(I) working in a team environment to help bolster better communication. One shift that I made in my work that came from understanding MBTI. Something to avoid if you have introverts(I) on your team (and how this will improve your team as a whole) Common misconceptions about sensing(S) and intuition(N) types and how to use this to communicate better with the people around you. Patrick’s favorite lesson with Meyers-Briggs and why it is NOT simply about your own personality type. How thinking(T) and feeling(F) types show up in men and women and how societal pressure plays a role. The micro-manager dynamic and how you can relate better to that personality in the workplace. Practical ways you can use this assessment to get better results for your team. Why personality type does NOT dictate a good leader. How to find out your own personality type! Company culture and how knowing your personality type can help you navigate any environment. Patrick’s favorite advice for integrating this assessment into your life!

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Here is what you will walk away with after 12 weeks of group coaching:

  • Clarity and Confidence around what YOU really want
  • Awareness of what gets in your way
  • A vision statement for you as a leader
  • Tools for taking action that gets you from where you are to where you want to be
  • An easy way to measure your progress and get unstuck as you move forward

Using MBTI Type to Optimize Team Effectiveness

This half-day workshop is the foundational type workshop and equips the team to begin using type immediately in their work together. Participants will:

Using MBTI Type to Optimize Team Effectiveness, Part II

This half-day workshop builds on the teamwork done in the foundational workshop and takes a closer look at the type of each person on the team. Participants will:
  • Hear and discover the best and worst ways to work with each member of the team
  • Meet one-on-one with each team member to identify the pluses and
    of that type combination and how to address the minuses
  • Analyze the type distribution of the team and its resulting potential strengths and challenges
  • Commit to specific actions they’ll take individually to apply type to the team’s success

Using MBTI Type to Read People, Influence Others, and Navigate Change

This half-day workshop follows the foundational workshop and applies type to additional topics. Participants will:

  • Hear and share best practices of using type at work
  • Get answers to any type questions they’ve had since the first workshop
  • Discover how to pick up on type clues in others
  • Explore how to use type to influence others
  • Discover how to use type to navigate change

Using MBTI to Deal with Stress

This half-day workshop follows the foundational workshop (at a minimum), and takes both a deep and practical dive into type and how to use it to deal with stress. Participants will:
  • Examine the mechanics of how stress affects type
  • Explore type-specific stress triggers
  • Discover type-specific stress reactions and remedies
  • Identify tips for supporting your type when under stress
  • Discover type-specific strategies for regaining equilibrium
  • Explore the development opportunities inherent in stress events

Creating Clarity: Addressing Misconceptions About the MBTI Assessment - 2018

by Patrick L. Kerwin (Author)

Misconceptions abound about type theory and the MBTI assessment. This white paper addresses some of the most common critiques and misconceptions about MBTI type, and provides clarification and straightforward answers to each one.