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Career Values Eclipse Everything

Personality.  Interests.  Skills.  Job Opportunities.  There are so many factors that go into making a career decision.  But there's one that eclipses them all:  Your career values.  Because no matter how well your personality fits a career, how interested you are in it, how skillful you are at it, or how abundant the job prospects are, a job or career will only be a good fit for you if it matches your most important career values.

So whether you are:

  • Choosing a career
  • Evaluating a potential job opportunity
  • Preparing for an interview, or
  • Assessing the fit of your current job...

Your KVS results will help you make the best career decisions you can!

Here's How the KVS Works

Using an innovative, online, click-and drag card sort, the KVS guides you through an 8-step process of identifying, prioritizing, and applying your career values for career decision-making.  When you're finished with the KVS, you'll walk away with:

  • The valuable "Career Values Summary & Congruence Worksheet" to use for evaluating the "fit" of the careers or jobs you're considering
  • Instructions for "Interpreting Your KVS Results" to help you optimize the application of your KVS results
  • The "Going Forward" guide, providing tips for using your KVS results for interviewing, managing your career, evaluating career options, and planning your ongoing career development.

And you can use all three of these resources over and over again!

kvstestimg2What's Unique About the KVS?

  • The KVS is online and uses a unique click-and-drag card sort format.
  • The KVS includes 94 career values, more than any other career values tool.
  • The KVS lets you create your own career values, resulting in more useful and personalized career values results.  No other career values tool lets you do that!
  • The KVS assesses not only what you must have and would like to have in your work -- but also what you most want to avoid as well.  These three levels of career values assessment are essential for solid career decision-making.

Thousands of people have used the KVS to make the best career decisions they can.  Now it's your turn! 

Pricing Options

Below are both individual and group pricing for your KVS career values assessment.

1 KVS values assessment: $8.50

2 - 99 KVS assessments: $8.50 each
100 - 499 KVS assessments: $8.00/ea.
500 or More KVS assessments: $7.50/ea.



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What KVS Users Are Saying

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Greatest clarity for people...

I have used the KVS as a coaching tool and as an activity in workshops. People have great insight into their career direction once they become clearer on the values that support their work. The opportunity to distinguish between what they “must have” and what they wish to “avoid” brings the greatest clarity for people. No other values tool is able to get at the real heart of a person’s career like the KVS does!

An invaluable tool...

I was recently at the cross-roads of two job offers in two different industries, was having trouble deciding which way to go, pulled out my KVS, and voila - the answer came forth! I really appreciate and continue to use it as an invaluable tool for my career pursuits!

Thanks again.

A must have...

The KVS is by far the most comprehensive career values tool on the market. My career counseling staff and I will use nothing else when assessing such an important area like career values with clients. We use the KVS with all kinds of clients from university students to corporate employees, and for everything from career selection to helping people prepare for job interviews. The KVS is a must have in your assessment tool kit!