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What KVS Users Are Saying

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Greatest clarity for people...

I have used the KVS as a coaching tool and as an activity in workshops. People have great insight into their career direction once they become clearer on the values that support their work. The opportunity to distinguish between what they “must have” and what they wish to “avoid” brings the greatest clarity for people. No other values tool is able to get at the real heart of a person’s career like the KVS does!

An invaluable tool...

I was recently at the cross-roads of two job offers in two different industries, was having trouble deciding which way to go, pulled out my KVS, and voila - the answer came forth! I really appreciate and continue to use it as an invaluable tool for my career pursuits!

Thanks again.

A must have...

The KVS is by far the most comprehensive career values tool on the market. My career counseling staff and I will use nothing else when assessing such an important area like career values with clients. We use the KVS with all kinds of clients from university students to corporate employees, and for everything from career selection to helping people prepare for job interviews. The KVS is a must have in your assessment tool kit!