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MBTI Team Building & Leadership Development

teambuilding2Whether your goal is to build a team or develop leaders, Patrick Kerwin’s MBTI® team-building and leadership development workshops will take your groups to the next level. Below you’ll find a sample of the workshops that Patrick delivers for teams and leaders. Contact us to discuss any of the following workshops, or to discuss tailoring a workshop for your group’s needs.  All of Patrick's MBTI team-building, leadership development, and train-the-trainer workshops are now also being offered via Zoom.

Real Workplace Solutions For Teams & Leaders

Find the program or series of programs that best fits your needs. All programs are delivered by Patrick Kerwin. Also, Patrick Kerwin offers customized MBTI® curriculum development and training, learn more here.

  • MBTI® Essentials Workshop +

    This workshop is the ideal starting place for participants to learn the essentials of the MBTI instrument and to apply and integrate the MBTI instrument into their work.

    Workshop Topics Include:

    •  Introduction to Personality Type
      Overview of the MBTI instrument and its use in optimizing leadership and building team effectiveness
      Review of individual MBTI reports
    •  Experiencing personality type and its use through activities:
             - Type and communicating effectively
             - Type and presenting information
             - Type and giving feedback
             - Type and getting work done with others
      Tips and techniques for applying type to leadership and teamwork
      Commitment to Action

    Participants complete the MBTI instrument on-line prior to the workshop, and individual reports are presented during the workshop. Please contact Patrick today to schedule an MBTI workshop for your group.

  • Additional workshops are available on topics including type & stress, picking up on type cues in others, using type to influence others, and type & change. Contact Patrick for more information! +

    This workshop is designed for teams who have already used the MBTI instrument together, or for senior leaders wanting a deeper analysis of personality type results.  Participants complete the MBTI instrument on-line prior to the workshop, and MBTI reports are presented during the workshop.  This workshop utilizes the MBTI Step II Report, which provides participants with a report of their 4-letter personality type results, and also produces individualized results on 20 additional facets of personality. 

    Workshop Topics Include:

      Reviewing MBTI Step I results & the MBTI Step II instrument
    •  Reviewing individual MBTI Step II instrument results
    •  Experiencing personality facet differences
      Applying facet information to communicating, handling conflict,
       making decision, and dealing with change

    Please Contact Us today to schedule an an MBTI workshop for your group.

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Customized MBTI Curriculum


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Dynamic and Engaging

Excellent speaker. Dynamic and engaged his audience.

A Higher Level...

Patrick took the MBTI to a higher level than what I have seen before,making this tool more relevant...

Highlight Of The Seminar

This was the highlight of the Leadership Development seminar. Patrick was excellent and he kept me engaged,despite...

Great Speaker

Great Speaker- knows what he needs to do to get participants focused on the correct interpretation of the results.

An MBTI Expert

Patrick was truly awesome! Really obvious that he's an expert in his field; took my understanding of MBTI®...

The Very Best...

Best MBTI analysis and discussion I have ever had.

Great Examples...

Really liked how Patrick took material that may seem very abstract and gave very practical, concrete examples.